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When it comes to love, every detail counts.
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Our extensive database makes the process easier for you by compiling ideal matches, so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through hundreds of profiles.

Privacy promised

You deserve the peace of mind that your information is protected. Take charge of your love life and find the connection you’re looking for. Don’t leave it to chance – trust us to keep your heart treasures secure.

Rigorous screening

We get it – you’re busy and you don’t have time for dating that leads nowhere. That’s why we use smart technology and a thorough screening process to guarantee that we introduce you to the most compatible matches.

Our Founder & CEO

Henvie Harmon

When it comes to love, every detail counts to ensure you don’t have to compromise on quality. So whether it’s our meticulous screening process, using the latest technology, or going the extra mile to deliver top-notch results. We are dedicated to helping you find love.


What We Do

We understand your time is valuable and you want to find the right connection without sacrificing your hard-earned free time. Our response was to provide tailored services with a personal touch as an added bonus of efficiency. This way, you can find the love you’re looking for without compromising on quality. We are here to listen and find the right fit, so you can experience the joy of connecting with the right person. This is why, we use advanced technology and a meticulous screening process to ensure that we are only introducing you to the most suitable matches. This way, we are able to take the stress and uncertainty out of the dating process, allowing you to focus on what matters mostcreating meaningful connections.

Our clients’ opinions

Henvie is the sweetest and she understands your needs and expectations. She connects you with the right people and checks in often to see if everything is still going well. I would recommend to anyone looking to give a matchmaking service a try.

– Elbie K.

I met Henvie through a work event and wanted to learn more about her Matchmaking Service. I must say, I was impressed after my preliminary call with her and decided to become a client. She matched me with a great guy that I'm still dating.

– Rose L.

Henvie is a dating expert. She helped me a lot with the connections I made and the women she introduced me to.

– Jake R..

When I signed up, I went through the extensive profiling and was matched with a beautiful girl two weeks later. The price is totally worth every penny. Thank you, Precise Approach.

– Brandon A.

When I signed up, I went through the extensive profiling and was matched with a beautiful girl two weeks later. The price is totally worth every penny. Thank you, Precise Approach.

– Brandon A.

The basic approach package got me 2 matches. I hit it off with my second match right away and we dated for a while. We're no longer together, but I appreciated henvie for working with me. I got the chance to learn more about myself.

– Peter

The Precise Approach is a really great matchmaking service. The owner is very professional and she takes her time to really get to know you. i specifically love the fact she matches you with more than one person to give you the option to choose the right partner. I highly recommend The Precise Approach if you have having trouble with other online dating service or if you are ready to find your right partner.

– Frances N.

In my 3 month coaching program with Henvie, I learned a lot about myself. Her coaching is very rigorous and structured. She's sweet, but also very knowledgeable and firm. My time with her was well spent.

– Patrice K.

Matchmaking- How it works

Initial Consultation

We begin with an initial consultation where we get to know you, your preferences, and your relationship goals. We discuss your dating history, what you’re looking for in a partner, and any other important factors that will help us understand your unique needs.

Profile Building

Once we have a clear understanding of your preferences and needs, we create a personalized profile for you. This profile includes information about your interests, values, and what you’re looking for in a partner.

Matching Process

We use a combination of technology and personalized matchmaking to find potential partners who meet your criteria. Our matchmaking team reviews potential matches based on your profile and uses their expertise and intuition to identify compatible partners.


If you’re interested in meeting a potential match, we arrange an introduction. We coordinate the logistics and provide you with guidance and support throughout the process.

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