July 11, 2022

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First Date Tips

If the thought of going on a first date fills you with dread, anxiety, and worry, you are not alone!

First dates can be nerve-wracking for most people, but they shouldn’t be. As a relationship coach, I’ve had dozens of clients asking me to break down first dates for them.

Whether it’s virtual date ideas, ideas for places to meet people or tips on how to ace first dates, it’s important to always be prepared.

Well, it’s a good time to be a relationship coach because I’ve got all the insider tips and tricks that will help you shine through and calm all your first or second date nerves.

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Read on!

Be on time

Remember that you only have one chance at making a good impression.

You’ve gotten through the first few messages, gotten to know each other, and now it’s time to meet. Whether it’s a virtual date or a physical date, keeping time is important.

By agreeing to go on a date, you not only consent to giving someone your time, but also to take up someone else’s time.

Being on time sends a message that you’re reliable, and care about how you spend your time. Make your time count by being on time.

Put a cap on the alcohol and caffeine

You might be a nervous wreck before the date and might be thinking that a glass of wine will help you take the edge off.

However, remember that you’re here to get to know someone else. The more alcohol or caffeine you chug down, the more jittery or nervous you’ll appear.

That’s not a good image for a first date. In addition to that, alcohol can lower your inhibitions. You don’t want to do things you would never do because of the excitement of a first date.

Ensure conversation goes both ways

Of course, you’ve got to tell your date a few things about yourself.

However, try not to make the conversation solely about you. Make sure you ask your date questions about their hobbies, accomplishments, and interests.

You will look vain if you only concentrate on yourself. It might also look like you’re trying to push too much of your agenda onto your date rather than letting them decide for themselves.

If you’re not sure about what questions to ask on your first date, start with their work. Maybe ask them what the most interesting part of their work is.

Active listening will earn you major points on your first date so come prepared with first date topics, ask questions where you need clarification, and be thoughtful before you speak.

Dress for comfort and confidence

Now is not the time to break out those new 6-inch heels you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

Neither is it the time to try on a new fashion style you think will impress your date.

I would suggest you throw on something you’ve worn before and know works. This way, you will be comfortable and confident knowing that you look good.

Making a good first impression on your first date is important, but as you take the time and effort to look nice, remember that you also have to be comfortable.

Dress for the location. If you’re going for a sporty date, dress appropriately.


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