I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I feel like February flew by faster than I could count and 29 days felt more like 20 days. Anyway, I hope you had a chance to reflect on all the love in your life this month? Hope you took a chance, whether you started something new, worked on your platonic relationships, or deepened an existing love!

There’s nothing like expressing your love in a way that feels genuine to you; no grand gestures, no scripts; just being your authentic self to convey your love in the best way you know how. And doing so in February is always the most fun because it is the month of love after all.

Have you ever noticed that expressing love is always fun and creative? Because you let your personality lead you to your unique love language that takes you on an adventure. An adventure that lets you feel affection, share laughs, and enjoy the little quirks with your person.

Let’s not forget that love isn’t just about romantic relationships, but friendships that are dear to your heart and the family that always supports you in your time of need. February is a reminder to live and let love flow in any way you can. 

As February comes to an end, aim to take love with you into the coming months and hold on to it tightly. After all, expressing love is not a one-month thing but a whole year celebration especially with the ones you cherish. Here’s to an awesome February filled with lots of love, laughter and affection from all areas of your life!

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