July 11, 2022

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Stop Wasting Your Time on Someone Who Doesn’t Feel the Same Way You Do

Many of us spend a lot of time being with people that will most likely never feel the same way we do.

If you’ve been there, you remember that part of you that always insisted on staying because you thought that if you give the other person time, they will eventually realize how amazing you were. News flash… it never happened!

The dating pool is wide and vast so don’t keep wasting your time on someone who doesn’t know what they want or doesn’t like you as much as you like them.

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You’re holding yourself back from what could be every second you waste time pining for someone that has no inkling why they want you in your life.

If they don’t appreciate you, there’s someone else out there who will.

It’s time to let go of the chains of bondage holding you back from a life of happiness.

You should be shining, so stop dimming your light. If you’ve got a feeling that I’m talking about you, I’ve put together some of the red flags you should identify of people that just aren’t into you.

Whether you choose to friend-zone them or drop them, the choice is yours. However, what’s clear is that you should set yourself free!

With that being said, here are some behaviors to watch out for:

  • They send you dry texts

Hold up! I’m not saying that everyone should be able to send you a million paragraphs of texts daily.

However, if they only reply with emojis and one-word answers- that’s a sign that they aren’t crushing on you.

You’re putting in all the work and they’re not interested in communicating with you.

The effort should be mutual, so if they don’t have anything to say to you, that’s a sign it’s time to move on.

  • They’re always lying about something

Ladies, (and gents) one of the signs he’s playing games is lying about small things before you form a relationship.

The foundation of every relationship is vital, and if you catch your crush in a lie before you’ve even defined what you have, that is part of who they are.

Who knows what else they will lie about if you keep holding on? See the truth and be done with that cycle.

  • They’re not interested in having deep conversations with you

Dating is all about getting to know the other person as much as you can.

We all have a certain depth to us, and if the person you’re crushing on is only interested in casual, shallow conversations, they simply don’t want to know much about you.

You need to learn how to stop sabotaging yourself and find someone who wants to get into the deep end with you.

  • They ghost you for days then reappear out of nowhere

As a dating coach, I’ve seen too much of this to not talk about it.

No one should ever make you feel like you have to worry about whether or not you will hear from them.

Set boundaries if they disappear for days then show up with a random text.

In fact, you don’t even have to reply to their texts. You are valuable, not something anyone can pick and drop as they wish.


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